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Music lovers from all over the world! You can make your groups, clans, cartels and whatever you want! Talk in public or privately to people. Hangout, Explore and PARTY in the ENTER THE VOID club!


After a long night of partying in VOID CITY come back to the comfort of your own home. The good news is It's not a far walk from the ENTER THE VOID club!


Come to the ENTER THE VOID club in VOID CITY to experience all kinds of events! 24/7 streams, album premieres, online festivals, movie hangouts, exploration events and much more!


VOID CITY is a MMO styled hang-out spot you can escape to from your browser created exclusively by VILL4IN

Hang, Watch and Explore this new virtual world. Make your escape into the official UNDERGROUND spot.

VOID CITY’s focus is on community driven projects such as album premieres, movie hangout spots, in-game housing, exploration, questing and more!

What is VOID CITY?

VOID CITY is a exclusive online MMO browser video-game type chat room developed by MTHBORD + VILL4IN where people can hang out, watch our live VOID TV events and more. It is planned to be online 24/7 and people can jump in whenever they want.


What will be included in VOID CITY?

In addition to the main stream ‘party’ room. We will be having multiple things, such as a ‘wiki style’ museum that outlines past and future history, there will be sections where we will showcase people’s artworks, we will have ‘player’ houses / rooms for certain active discord members, different sections to hang out privately, secrets, a 24/7 movie room and more. All of this with the plan of having updates on a scheduled basis.


Can you tell me a little about in-game events?

We will be hosting album premieres, VOID TV Episodes, XXXXX XXX XXXX and we will have a open door for other labels and artists who want to have a platform for their events and premieres.


Can you tell me a little about in-game housing?

Players will be able to do questing, attending in-game events and other grinding mechanics to be able to slowly afford their own housing in-game. The first section will be ‘Tent City’ where you’ll be able to have your own tent and slowly progress to other forms of housing. All for free.


What does the outline look like?

First we want to make a very basic playable alpha version for the upcoming VOID TV Episode, we will need to stress test it, have the most BASIC important things ready (we are almost there) and then slowly update everything around it such as having original assets and such. This will be a long-term project that we expect will be slowly developed and updated for months. RPG GRINDING mechanics such as grinding for in-game housing and other related stuff will be added LATER not on launch.


Is there anyway I can help with this project?

Yes we are working precious hours daily to make this a reality. You can support this project by buying a in-game apartment in a one time purchase through MTHRBORD on the store page and you can make a general donation. ALL THE FUNDING we get will go towards the game (which includes funding for pixel artists, bug fixers, adding add-ons etc). Any and all donations help us make it a better experience.


If you would like to contribute directly outside of what we are offering please go to . Any amount is greatly appreciated.


When is the grand opening planned?

Sometime during the Summer or beginning of Fall premiering along side a new VOID TV Episode. You will be able to hang out a few hours before the event.


Where can I get updated with the latest for VOID CITY?

Keep updated with us on our discord at


We need your help to continue to build upon this project. To help fund this game we are offering exclusive early supporter’s In-Game Apartments where you will share space with fellow early supporters to people who donate a certain amount to the project. 

Void City is coming this Summer to Early Fall during a new and very special premiere of VOID TV.


Thank you all for the support.

ETV-004 Supporter Packages are now open. Reserve your spot!