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What is project UNPLUG?

Project UNPLUG is our attempt to disconnect from various social media websites to promote a distraction-free and an independent portal of our live streams for people who are practising /nosurf/ or just want a high quality stream.

How is this achieved?

First we will be creating a private chat-room video stream (wip) on MTHRBORD as a semi-replacement from YouTube. The YouTube stream will still be active.

Why a private chat-room stream instead of cutting off from the internet?

Various reasons. We have the need to socialize. Some of us are alone or lonely or otherwise need to communicate anonymously. The problem isn’t the internet per say, its the way social networks are designed to get us to act and later think in certain ways. Like nicotine.

We just want a ’safe’ and ‘relaxing’ place where people can go to escape.

Benefits of the MTHRBORD pirate stream?

  1. Audio Quality -> always 320 kbps 
  2. Visual Quality -> much less compression
  3. Knowing your not using large corporate servers

Any other notes?

Me and others want the feeling of the old 1.0 web feeling again, where you go to escape the world. The same thing now but instead to escape large social networks. If this topic interests you check out the growing trend in

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