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TOMMYバード- Wiseauwave I & Wiseauwave II Reel-to-Reel

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Wiseauwave is finally out on reel-to-reel. This will be a one-time production on this format for this album.

Our very second official Reel to Reel tape recorded on Scientology owned tape (long story, google it). All professionally recorded with a Studer A80 by a professional engineer.


+ Professionally recorded with a Studer A80
+ Includes a official document with release info and is signed
+ Custom black reel-to-reel boxes to fit reel-to-reel aesthetic of the past
+ One time reel-to-reel production of this classic album


Album has been shortened to 33 minutes to fit length of reel. (Not shortened!)


There may be *slight* imperfections in reel to reel box and positioning of covers, please only order if you understand this is a hand-made product.
playback at 7.5 IPS.  you can buy a functional reel to reel playback machine on eBay for around $250.


Music by TOMMYバード


art + design by QINGDAO MARKET




SKU: APRIL-001-REEL-TO-REEL Categories: ,

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