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+ 180g Color Mix Vinyl

+ 400gsm Extra High Quality Printed Jackets

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SKU: QINGDAO-006 Category:

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The Perfect End to A Perfect Life

TOMMYバード, the guy who make Wiseauwave 1 + 2 + 3, he do something new again. He get interested in barber beats music. He always do strange things, and now he mix his style with this different music.

One day, Tommy go to barber shop. The clippers and talk sound like music to him. He think, "I can make music from this!" So, he bring his recording stuff to the shop and start capturing sounds.

Tommy, with his weird smile and perfect hair, wear headphones and press record. He capture barber sounds and mix them with his voice saying lines from his movie. It sound strange, but also interesting.

He work many days to make this music. He edit sounds and make them into a beat. He invite people to the barber shop for a special event to hear his music.

At the event, people come and see the barber chairs and smell the barber shop smell. Tommy, in his suit that's both cool and weird, stand with his music setup. He look happy and excited.

He press play, and barber sounds turn into funky beat. People start moving to the music. Even the barber start dancing to the beat he make while cutting hair.

Tommy start dancing too, and people laugh and cheer. His energy spread, and everyone dance to the beat of the barber music. The music make people feel happy.

When the music finish, people clap and cheer for Tommy. He do it again—make something strange into something fun. The barber beats show how normal things can be special when Tommy make them.

TOMMYバード, with his weirdness and music, leave a mark on people again. The barber beats show that even everyday things can be exciting and fun when Tommy is involved.

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