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+ 180g Color Mix Vinyl

+ 400gsm Extra High Quality Printed Jackets

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SKU: QINGDAO-005 Category:

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The Perfect End to A Perfect Life


TOMMYバード, the guy who make "The Room" movie, he do something new now. He not in the movies no more, he do music, like future funk music.

Tommy always like music, but he find old tape with funky beats and something click in his brain. The beats make him happy, and he think maybe he can do funky music too. So, he take his weird style and put it in the future funk world.

He get little studio in his apartment in San Francisco. He get old synthesizers, colorful lights, and put up his "The Room" poster on the wall. With same passion like when he make movie, he start making funky tracks.

Tommy's music adventure, it's funny and creative. He hum strange tunes and play with synthesizers like he not sure what he do, but somehow, it work. Sometimes, he say his "Oh, hi!" line from the movie when he happy with music.

People in the city start talking about Tommy's music. They want to know what "The Room" guy do now. He show his music to some people, and they react in different ways. Some smile and nod, some start dancing without meaning to.

One night, when sun go down and San Francisco lights come up, Tommy decide it's time to show his music to everyone. He book small place and invite friends, fans, and some people who not sure about his music.

Place have lights and Tommy's synthesizers. When his music start, it's like past and future come together in strange way. Tommy stand there in black clothes, lights make his face look weird. Music mix his style with funky energy.

People, they not sure at first, but then they start moving, like they can't help it. Tommy, he behind his synthesizers, making music. His music show how weird and cool things can mix.

When he finish, people clap and cheer. TOMMYバード, the guy who make strange movie, he now make strange music. He show how being different can be good thing.

So, with his funky music still in the air, TOMMYバード stand there, showing world his weird and magic music. He surprise everyone again, and show that music can bring people together, no matter how strange it is.

"If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live," was the last thing he said.

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