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TOMMYバード- Wiseauwave I & II Vinyl


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+ 180g Random Color Vinyl
+ 350gsm high quality jacket
+ Edition of 200



Copies are also available on Bandcamp


Thank you Qingdao Market for your friendship and being a positive down to earth person.





art + design:





You are my favorite customer



SKU: APRIL-001-NEW Category:

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Johnny: I did not hit her! It’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not! (he throws a water bottle to the floor) Oh, hi Mark.

Mark: (holding a football) Oh hey Johnny, what’s up?

Johnny: I have a problem with Lisa. She says that I hit her.

Mark: What? Well did you?

Johnny: No, it’s not true! Don’t even ask! What’s new with you?

Mark: Well I’m just sitting up here thinking, you know? I got a question for you.

Johnny: Yeah.

Mark: You think girls like to cheat like guys do?

Johnny: What makes you say that?

Mark: I dunno. I dunno, I’m just, I’m just thinking.

Johnny: I don’t have to worry about that because Lisa is loyal to me.

Mark: Yeah man, you never know. People are very strange these days. I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it, beat her up so bad she ended up in a hospital on Guerrero Street.

Johnny: A-ha-ha-ha! What a story, Mark!

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