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Voyage Futur – Wellen Vinyl

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+ Gatefold Double Vinyl

+ High Quality Printed Jackets

+ The latest album by Voyage Futur


Note: This is a preorder but has been in production for almost a year and we had constant delays with the plant. With that said we should get it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. However we will still say it will take a minimum of 1 month before we receive it.


Shipping Worldwide from USA.



Voyage Futur











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SKU: MANA-022-D-PR Category:

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The latest album by Voyage Futur

We are thrilled to announce a new and highly anticipated double vinyl album from one of our label's most influential artists - the one and only master ambient psychedelic nostalgist, Voyage Futur.

This release features all original collaborations, including artwork by kldpxl and design by CHKLTK. The album's use of atmospheric textures and ethereal soundscapes is truly captivating, and I cannot wait for listeners to experience it in its entirety.

Voyage Futur's journey began with the release of 'Secret Earth' on New Atlantis, which later had a cassette release with No Problema Tapes, a Chilean label we had the pleasure of working with on multiple projects. I personally discovered this incredible artist by buying a cassette tape from NPT, and was amazed at how relatively unknown his project was, given its unique and unforgettable sound.

Since then, we have pressed three albums with Voyage Futur, including one of our biggest project which was his second album 'Inner Sphere,' which was later uploaded to Vapor Memory and quickly exploded and gained popularity, with almost 500k plays.

The official premiere of his new highly anticipated album will take place on Friday April 21st on our trusted partner's Vapor Memory's Youtube Channel (exact time to be confirmed).

Unfortunately, due to the cost of gate-fold double vinyl this particular project will not be included in the supporter's club package, but it is available for open pre-order. We have already printed all the jackets and are skipping some of the wait time, as this project has been in production for quite some time.

To all of our supporter crew, we would like to express our gratitude by offering a super secret and rare low volume pressing of a Voyage Futur album in the 4IN catalogue (its a completely separate album). We hope this will win you over, and we thank you for your continued support. It is AUTOMATICALLY is included in your package.


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