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The Audio/Video Dept – … it all felt so real vinyl

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+ 180g Hi-Fi Vinyl
+ 400gsm Extra High Quality Jackets
+ Includes a Double-Sided Insert
+ Limited Amount of Copies

Written, recorded, arranged & produced

Roving Jewel

Additional vocals

Essence Graves

Trailer Video




Mixed, mastered and additional production

Andrew Lozano of Freqy Music Group

SKU: 4IN-009 Categories: ,

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The Audio/Video Dept. was a collaborative project based out of Sacramento, California comprised of long time friends Skipntosh and Roving Jewel. The ultimate aim of the group was to release emotionally moving multi-genre projects accompanied by visuals eventually segueing into scoring television and film.

In the midst of working on follow up albums the group's brainchild Curtis "Skipntosh" Fisher fell ill and ultimately succumbed to a short battle with cancer. all felt so real is a five song song act intended to lead the listener on a journey unique to the individual taking part. Whether the journey is mental, emotional, or spiritual the album provides the listener a soundscape for processing, acceptance, and hopefully healing. The sixth track entitled Sands of Eternia is a posthumous addition to the album produced by Roving Jewel in honor of his brother Skip who appears on the track by way of vocal cuts and previously recorded guitar. (only on vinyl)

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