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.starvmentZ – night child Vinyl

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I found myself drawn to a figure cloaked in shadows. His eyes, twin voids of madness, locked onto mine with a predatory intensity. As the ice in my glass melted, so did the boundaries of my sanity.

"You know," he whispered, his voice a serpent's hiss, "I can hear the scribbling of your thoughts, the scratching of your pen on the paper of reality."

I laughed, a brittle sound that echoed between my ears. "You're a product of my imagination, a mere character," I scoffed.

He leaned in, his smile revealing razor-sharp truth. "Or am I the puppeteer, coaxing your descent into the sweet embrace of lunacy?"

His words wormed beneath my skin, as if reality itself were fraying. The bar's patrons morphed into grotesque marionettes, their strings manipulated by a puppet master I could no longer deny. My own hand quivered as I reached for my pen, the ink bleeding into the canvas of existence.

The figure chuckled, a symphony of madness that played upon my fraying nerves. "Write, dear writer, write. Unravel the seams, tear the fabric. Let the world bleed through the cracks you create."

His command bore into my psyche, and the words I penned took on a life of their own. The boundary between the real and the imagined dissolved, a whirlpool of unreality dragging me into its depths.

As the last vestiges of reason slipped through my fingers, I realized with a shiver that I was no longer conversing with a character. I was conversing with the abyss, the abyss that stared back from within me, a reflection of my own unraveling mind.

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