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Telapithy an Slver Ricardo – 夜間生活 Vinyl


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+ 180g Black Vinyl
+ 350gsm high quality jacket
+ Edition of 200




Vinyl has been in production for some time but this is still a Preorder. Product will be shipped out in 2-3 months. (probably sooner, we are simply giving you a extended date to cover our a$$)


Copies are also available on Bandcamp



Telapithy an Slver Ricardo


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SKU: QINGDAO-003 Category:

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Who is Telapithy an Slver Ricardo????


Detective Ghoul had been on the force for over a decade, but he had never encountered a case like this. The music producer known only as Telapithy an Slver Ricardo was the talk of the town, yet nobody seemed to know who he was. It was as though he had appeared out of thin air, creating hit after hit without ever revealing his true identity.


Detective Ghoul had been tasked with finding out who Telapithy an Slver Ricardo really was. He had combed through every record label and music studio in the city, but nobody had any concrete information. Some claimed that Telapithy an Slver Ricardo was a genius who worked alone, while others suspected that he was part of a larger operation.


As Detective Ghoul sat in his office, staring at the wall covered in photographs and notes, he heard a knock at the door. It was a young woman, with long blonde hair and a determined look on her face. (it was ESPRITE)


"Can I help you?" Detective Ghoul asked, eyeing her skeptically.


"I heard you were looking for information on Telapithy an Slver Ricardo," ESPRITE said, her voice low and urgent. "I might be able to help."


Detective Ghoul raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly can you help?"


ESPRITE pulled out a small notebook and flipped it open. "I've been keeping track of all the rumors and theories about Telapithy an Slver Ricardo," she said. "I think I've found a pattern."


Detective Ghoul leaned forward, intrigued. "Tell me more."


ESPRITE began to speak, her voice rising and falling as she outlined her theories. Detective Ghoul listened intently, his mind racing as he tried to piece together the puzzle of Telapithy an Slver Ricardo's identity.


As the sun began to set and the shadows grew longer, Detective Ghoul and the woman sat in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Detective Ghoul spoke.


"I think we're onto something," he said, his voice low and intense. "We need to keep digging."


And so, Detective Ghoul and the woman continued their investigation into the mysterious music producer known as Telapithy an Slver Ricardo. They followed leads, interviewed witnesses, and pieced together clues, slowly unraveling the mystery of his true identity.


In the end, they discovered that Telapithy an Slver Ricardo was not just one person, but a group of individuals who had banded together to create music that transcended time and space. Detective Ghoul couldn't believe it, but the evidence was right in front of him.


As he closed the case and filed his report, Detective Ghoul couldn't help but feel a sense of awe. The music of Telapithy an Slver Ricardo had brought people together, even if nobody knew who was behind it all. And in that, there was a kind of magic that couldn't be explained.


The End, please buy record now. TY.

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