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+ Edition of 150

+ 180g Marble Color Vinyl

+ 400gsm Jacket (Extra High-Quality)






Main Cover






Label & Publisher

Ryan Celsius Sounds


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SKU: PURP-002 Category:

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In the heart of a universe where reality intertwined with dreams, a lone figure traversed the ethereal landscapes. This figure was the Dark Knight, draped in obsidian armor that bore the scars of countless battles. His steadfast companion, a stallion named Shadow, walked beside him, its dark coat blending seamlessly with the shadows that danced across the land.


The Dark Knight had recently emerged from a fierce and heavy battle against an ancient and malevolent entity. The echoes of clashing steel and the resonance of powerful magic still reverberated within his very being. The weight of his duty as a guardian had taken a toll on his spirit, and now, he sought something more elusive than victory – he sought peace.


As they journeyed through the mystical landscapes, where the very air shimmered with secrets and the trees whispered tales of forgotten realms, the Dark Knight and Shadow shared a connection that went beyond words. The horse's presence was a silent comfort, a reminder that they both bore the marks of battles won and lost, and yet they endured.


In a tranquil grove nestled between dimensions, the Dark Knight dismounted from Shadow and allowed his heavy armor to rest against the ancient trees. He closed his eyes, letting the gentle caress of a breeze carry away the lingering tension. In the silence, he sought solace, the kind that could mend a soul as surely as time mended wounds.


With a deep breath, the Dark Knight began to meditate, drawing upon the dark energies that permeated the universe. He felt his heartbeat synchronize with the rhythm of the land, and a sense of serenity slowly washed over him, like a healing balm. In this timeless moment, the memories of battles faded, replaced by a profound connection to the very essence of existence.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of gold and violet, the Dark Knight felt a presence beside him. Shadow, his loyal companion, had approached and lowered its head in a gesture of quiet companionship. With a rare smile gracing his lips, the Dark Knight reached out and gently patted Shadow's mane.


In that shared moment, the Dark Knight realized that peace wasn't an end to battles or an absence of conflict. It was a journey, an ongoing search for balance and understanding. He had found his refuge not in the absence of struggle, but in the bonds he forged, in the moments of stillness he embraced amidst the chaos. As the stars began to twinkle above, he knew that he and Shadow would continue their journey, their spirits intertwined with the universe's eternal dance, seeking not just peace, but the very essence of what it meant to live in harmony with both the light and the darkness.


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