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Nic TVG – Very Close To Nothing Vinyl


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+ Edition of 100

+ 180g TRANSPARENT Vinyl (it is completely Clear)

+ High Quality Jackets






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Pinecone Moonshine




SKU: NOIR-003 Category:

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Very Close To Nothing


In the aftermath of apocalyptic fury, where the heavens had unleashed torrents of devastation in the form of nuclear fire, a lone, nameless figure traversed the desolation. Cloaked in a tattered shroud, shrouded in an enigmatic gas mask, this forsaken soul wandered through a world now imprisoned in an eternal monochrome.


The gas mask clung to the face, like a sentinel guarding secrets buried in the ruins, shielding its wearer from the ashen winds that whispered of annihilation. Emotion, like color, had been erased in this desolate tableau, and the nameless wanderer moved in silence, a phantom in a grayscale wasteland.


Every step upon the fractured earth echoed like a coded message from a forgotten era. The very essence of time had fractured in this benighted realm, where moments flowed like elusive streams through a cracked hourglass, leaving the wanderer adrift in a cryptic tapestry of memories and mysteries.


Faint recollections of a once-vibrant world haunted the nameless wanderer, like ethereal specters. There were glimpses of a time when laughter echoed, and skies were painted in vibrant hues. Now, all that remained were the skeletal remnants of a civilization entombed in eternal twilight.


Within the folds of the nameless wanderer's coat, a weathered photograph whispered of a forgotten past, its details obscured by the ravages of time and destruction. It was a puzzle piece, a fragment of an identity lost in the nuclear tempest.


In the distance, a faint, enigmatic signal pierced the pervasive silence, a cipher promising something beyond the barren horizon. The wanderer followed this cryptic siren call, each step a coded response to an unknown fate. The source of this signal remained shrouded in mystery, an encrypted promise of salvation or perhaps, another layer of the enigma.


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