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暗号零 – Mother (VHS)

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+ 4:3 Aspect Ratio, Perfect for VHS Playback
+ Recorded on Pro VHS Duplicators
+ NTSC Format


*Product will be in Library Style VHS cases, Mockup is just an example, Printing and everything will be of high quality*


Tapes are refurbished due to the nature of the market. (will vary in appearance)


Visuals by R3D
Cinematography by FR4ME
Additional Visuals by C1PH3R
Poetry by Y4M4-UB4
Cover Art by POLYGON1993
Design by CHKLTK
Distributed by MTHRBORD
Published by VILL4IN

SKU: MANA-001-VHS Category:

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*Preview missing last 15 minutes of content, it will be available on the VHS*

How is it that I never saw your wings
when you were here with me?
When you closed your eyes and soared
to the Heavens I could hear the
faint flutter of you wings as you left.
Your body no longer on this side
your spirit here eternally I see your halo shine.
I close my eyes and see the multi-colored wings
surround me in my saddest moments and my happiest times.
You fly into my dreams and when I am asleep
I feel your wings brush against my face wiping away
the tears I shed since I can no longer hold
you in my arms but in my heart.

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