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mackintosh plus – flower store (bandcamp)


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+ 180g Random Color Vinyl (from 6 colors)
+ 350gsm high quality jacket
+ 1 Holographic Qingdao authenticated Pokimang 波克芒 بوكيمانج card (not authenticated in west but who cares)
+ no represses because partner vill4in scared >:( . (probably for real this time)

Because we had 70 records without jackets we decided to print some jackets and press 30+ more records (in qingdao sunburst variant, you could be lucky person). We know its hard to believe we didn’t just repress them all (I wouldn’t believe it either it). Enjoy!


Music: Mackintosh Plus (Qingdao Market)
Album Design: Qingdao Market


SKU: QINGDAO-001-1 Categories: ,

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