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Kagami Smile – Dream Fragment

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+ 180g vinyl

+ 350 gsm jacket

music by: KAGAMI SMILE
artwork by: HARRY CHIU
VJ: Dystopik (Dystopia Kid)
published by: VILL4IN

SKU: 4IN-002-B Categories: ,

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You screamed into the void as I reached out your hand. I fell into a continuous dream deep down below. I left secrets deposited in the ground. They grew into memories upturned. I hear rainwater pelting outside the window. You punch a hole in the wall and look at your bloodied hands. You are a ghost gone and left into the night. You float above me, parallel visions. Lost inside of an empty dream. You stay glued to your bed lapsing into a dream. Lapping my consciousness. I suck on your kiss lost inside a dream. You take me into a fleeting moment and disappear inside a hole in the concrete. I wrote lost words about you and the vanished years overtook you. I wake to remember a distant memory only being washed away in static dreams. I taste your whisper in my mouth, echoing words not said in reality but spoken through the telepathy of convergence. I float above your bed watching you glued there, stuck inside a continuous dream. Where can we go where convergence erases time. I watch your body float into a holographic version of yourself. You float above me there in a great white void and take my hand. We float through the glistening rain, an always dead city. We kissed below a sea of neon. I spend too much dead time staring at a screen waiting for your outline to appear. You dissect and rip open my brain at night and leave imprints of your footsteps there. You’ve gone away and turned into a ghost, vanished with each memory’s passing. I recollect on empty things staring at synchronizations of time. I heard your voice through the other side of a mirror. The mirror is washed away in memory slush. I see your face through a window in an abandoned shopping center. You appear for an instant and wilt away simultaneously.

Where are you I ask. The telepathic loop playing over and over again inside of my mind.
In the same place as you but in a different perception of that space.
Can’t you hear my screams from the great white void.
You filter into rainwater and turn into a static dream.
Are you real? Has our meeting been in vain?
Can you hear my impassioned voice screaming for you in the night?
You slowly take my hand from a disappearing void. I look at whit spaces on the wall and recollect on empty things.
I float away to a city inside of my mind, linked by you in a dead dream.
If you have power, it is yours. The loop playing over and over inside of your head.
I watch buildings crumble into ruin, cities perceived in fiction and reality.
I watch you fall from a dream onto your bed.
You throw a pearl through the other side of the mirror to me.
I catch it with my hand, holding onto you inside a continuous dream.
Would I be able to let go of you, inside of an empty night?
Connected through your mind?
The body is hot, I can feel it rattle the shackles of time.
You make me feel like I’m sinking in a hole in the ground,
Where I’ve left lost memories and secrets,
I hear your voice inside a dream telling me you are real.
I watch your text flit across my view,
Is it in vain our meeting?
When a ball of light crashes into the surface,
And dreams spill outward into being.
Will be inside a continuous dream or stuck inside dead time.
I often think of going through a hole in the wall lately,
To find you standing on the other side.

I no longer can see myself in a mirror,
It is washed away by images of your unending gaze.
You’ve gone away and become a holograph of mental rain,
You’re my ghost,
Is our meeting in vain,
Staring at the white space on a wall in a continuous dream of you and me

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