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h a z e – Internet Explorer Vinyl

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+ 180g Blue Color Vinyl

+ High Quality Printed Jackets

+ First Ever Computerwave Album from h a z e


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h a z e















SKU: CNCT-001-BLUE Category:

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First Computerwave album on VILL4IN


h a z e's album entitled 'Internet Explorer' was the first computerwave album published on VILL4IN back in 2019.


The album incorporate samples of dial-up modems, keyboard clicks, and other sounds that capture the spirit of a bygone era of computing. It's a nostalgic tribute to the technology that shaped our lives and imaginations in the 90s.when the world was just beginning to embrace the digital revolution.


Dive deep into a 90's avantgarde fused experience


The 90s was a transformative era for computing, marked by the rise of personal computers, the birth of the World Wide Web, and the dawn of the internet age. It was a time when bulky desktops and dial-up connections were the norm, and floppy disks and CD-ROMs were the primary means of data storage. The 90s set the stage for the digital revolution that would shape the world we live in today.





In the early days of the internet,

The world was a different place.

We logged on with a dial-up tone,

And watched pixels slowly race.

We'd wait for images to load,

And chat with strangers online.

It was a brave new digital world,

Full of promise and design.

The early days may seem so long ago,

But we'll never forget the way it did glow.

A time of innocence, of curiosity,

And the start of a grand new odyssey.

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