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Gregor Zemljič



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In a time unknown, in a desolate and long-forgotten corner of the world, a mysterious place existed. It was said to be a place where the damned found refuge. For the souls who felt they had nothing to lose.

One moonless night, a lone traveler, a slob of a man with nothing to his name, stumbled upon the otherworldly lights of the circus in the middle of nowhere. The tent was tattered, and the entrance bore a sign that read, "Welcome to the Show."

Without a second thought, the stranger purchased a one-way ticket to hell, in the form of a weathered ticket booth stub, and stepped into the strange, alluring world within.

The games began under the ominous, flickering lights. The audience consisted of lost souls, passing by on a journey to the unknown. A grinning buffoon of a ringmaster, his face twisted and deformed, announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest gift on Earth!”.

The performer, a grotesque figure with a face like a nightmare, emerged from the shadows. A disturbing silence fell upon the crowd as the stranger watched in terror. The stranger whispered to a fellow onlooker, "You dig?"

But before a response could be uttered, the performer's act unfolded. With each step, his face transformed into increasingly horrifying expressions - pain, despair, and madness. His voice, a nightmarish crescendo, echoed through the chilling air, as he danced on the boundary between the living and the dead. It was Ghoul.

As the night drew on, the stranger's grip on reality began to slip. He was trapped in this nightmare, and there was no way to escape. The crowd around him seemed entranced, their faces twisted with a sadistic pleasure that sent shivers down his spine.

The stranger realized, with growing horror, that he had willingly entered a realm where there was truly nothing to lose. The circus was a one-way ticket to a hellish existence. As the performer's final, nightmarish act drew to a close, the stranger could only pray for a way to escape from this sinister carnival, lest he too become a twisted, tormented face among the cursed crew.

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