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Shenzhen, China

Blurring the lines between the east, west, north and south.

Long Live The Underground.

Fornax Void – Memory Machine


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+ 180g Double Vinyl

+ 400gsm Extra High Quality Printed Jackets

+ Edition of 200



Fornax Void




Fornax Void




Fornax Void



Video Visuals

Fornax Void




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Fornax Void is an audiovisual arts project founded by David Elsener in 2012. David’s educational background lies in Visual Communication and a long time ago in Computer Technology. Before other topics, the project’s main source of inspiration is the technology and design language of the late 20th century. At times associated with the terms ‘New Aesthetic’, ‘Cyberpunk’, ‘Ambient Music’ and ‘Vaporwave’, the projects audiovisual output shares similarities or can be categorized within these topical genres, if needed. Practically, the work of Fornax Void makes heavy use of older technologies like VHS tape, audio tape, CRT screens, analogue synthesizers or retro computer graphics and seeks to carry over the aesthetics of these technologies into a contemporary context.

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