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FM Forest – Before The Forest


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+ Heavyweight 180g Hi-Fi Vinyl
+ 400gsm Extra High Quality Jackets
+ Comes with a FULL COLOUR Booklet!
+ Edition of 100


FM Forest

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SKU: 4IN-010 Categories: ,

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I can't remember much of what happened before I washed up on that dry, endless beach. The cloudless blue sky and hot sun scorched my skin as cold salty waves splashed against my weak and useless body. It felt like days of laying there before I finally gathered the energy to get up and walk. What was this place? The yellow sands glistened and flashed light as I squinted my eyes to try and see beyond this place. It felt haunted.As I began to walk, it quickly dawned on me that I had no idea where to go. It was quite literally a never-ending expanse of sand as far as you could see in all directions. I knew I had to move, so I went forward, away from the water. Although it seemed as if the occurrences that led me to this very spot were absent from my mind - I remember before. I remember wandering far distances in search of gold. I met odd, unique, and beautiful people along the way, but for whatever reason, I trekked on and on to try and find what I was looking for. I remember ship captains, wind creatures, and small insect companions that were once humans. I remember strange symbols carved on rocks by streams, a beautiful wooden white boat that glowed on the darkest nights, and I remember hearing music all around that made you wonder if it were coming from human creation or something coming from beyond this earthly plane. How I wish I could hear those sounds now.

These memories seemed to give me strength to continue. The sounds of the crashing waves started to fade, and were replaced by silence. I could not even hear my steps as I stumbled deeper into this odd and vast space. I started to look around more to see if I could find anything at all, and I noticed that the sky was changing from a vibrant blue to a deeper hue - some areas seemed nearly black, while others were a cool purple. The air shifted in pockets of warm to cool and a soft sweet wind came upon me. I noticed that there were soft tufts of green starting to appear here and there, and in the distance was a shiny object reflecting the surroundings and glistening in the odd colors of the sky. I decided to get closer.

As I approached, I noticed that it was a perfectly square piece of glass with a small loose screw on the top. I tightened it down as far as I could, and I started to feel the ground below shake and move under me. As it became more and more intense, I started to lose my balance and fell forward, hitting my shoulder and head against the square mirror. At first, I expected the mirror to shatter, but instead, my head passed right through. Tranquil forest surrounded me in all directions. A warm, damp mist crossed over my face, filling my senses with a smell and taste of this new place. Although it felt like I was there for a good while, I could still feel the ground shaking and hot, arid sand slashing against my body. The earth shook harder, and jolted me up and out of the strange mirror. An intense rumble started, and the vibration was so deep and powerful it was like my body could no longer take it anymore, and I started to lose consciousness.

As I drifted away, fever dream-like memories washed over my fragile mind. I remember two children - they pulled me out of those crashing waves in the ocean and took me upon their small tattered vessel. A small boy, maybe around 8 or 9 and a young girl around 12 sat there staring at me. They seemed distraught and cold. I don’t remember what we talked about - but I got the sense they were running away from something or someone. I still don’t remember how I got in those deep, cold waters, but I felt a small sense of security around those children. I remember the young girl opening her hand at one point, and a vibrant, white light emitted from an odd little device, covering me with warmth. The boat started rocking more and more, the waves feeling more like an earthquake than a splashing ocean. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was back in that hot, violent, and haunted desert - the earth moving all around me. At this point is when it happened.

I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t even move. With all the movement, all I could do is lay flat on my back - and watch the most incredible scene unfold. Like the draining of a sink, the sand started sinking all around me - as far as you could see, we were going down. The small tufts of green I mentioned earlier became bigger, taller - they were giant evergreens that were covered in sand! It felt like hours, but eventually all the sand had drained - leaving me in a vast, deep, and dark forest. It was as if there was never sand in the first place. Where just a while ago I was struggling to stand on hot and violent sands, I now was laying on a bed of moss. The trees towered above, and I could hear birds and water trickling around me. Fog rolled over the treetops, and I could see bits of blue sky above. The warm, wet air was like a purifying to my dry, windswept skin. I finally was able to get up.

When I stood up, I noticed that the glass cube was still next to me, but was much, much smaller. I took note of my surroundings and saw a beautifully carved path darting forward through the trees. I had a sudden urge to walk down the path and see where it goes, things were starting to feel clearer, purer, and as if there was intention. I decided to pick up the now pocket-sized glass cube and head deep into this unknown and welcoming forest. It felt like the only thing to do.

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