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Shenzhen, China

Blurring the lines between the east, west, north and south.

Long Live The Underground.

Маяк – Выше звезд Vinyl

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+ 180g Color Vinyl

+ High Quality Printed Jackets

+ Last Маяк Album on Vinyl

+ No Represses as requested from Artist



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SKU: CCCP-006 Category:

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Never to return again...

This is Маяк's LAST album on physical as his project has been abandoned since 2014 for various reasons. This includes both his EPs entitled 'Выше звезд' and ''Маяк'. If you are into sovietwave this is a must-have, largely unknown to the west but this scene in ex-soviet countries for underground music diggers flag this as an important project. The scene has long since went into multiple interesting directions.

This album will not be repressed as requested by the artist.

Маяк is a Ukrainian artist and one of the originators of the 'return' of sovietwave. The scene was closed off and roaming around on VK in groups like for a long time remaining underground within the west with the majority of listeners and scene being across eastern european ex-soviet countries. This was before Bandcamp articles on the genre and made up stories.

Support the artist who is currently living in the affected areas while owning something that the physicals are highly wanted in both the east and (maybe even now) the west.

The past of many...


Goodbye forever the history's past and its ambitions...

Happy Winter Season Everyone!