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Project Lazarus – К солнцу, к звездам Vinyl


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+ 180g Yellow Color Vinyl

+ High Quality Printed Jackets

+ First Ever Sovietwave Album from Project Lazarus


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Project Lazarus








Unknown Soviet Artist







SKU: CCCP-001-YELLOW Category:

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First and most Classic Sovietwave album on VILL4IN


Project Lazarus's album entitled 'К солнцу, к звездам' was the first sovietwave album published on VILL4IN back in 2019. Back then it was simply just an idea and experiment without prior knowledge of the scene elsewhere. Much to our surprise however, so many things were similar to the waves of the east. Melodic progressions, nostalgia of the former soviet union and much of the ideology.

Since then the Label has released music from very important artists from the scene. However there is no denying that Project Lazarus has one of the most captivating, unique and just soul dropping melodies out there and is a favorite to so many right now. He is an artist that is needed to be explored as he simply ties the whole wave together for us on the label.


Captivating, unique and soul dropping


Sovietwave is a relatively new subgenre of music that has emerged in recent years. It combines elements of retro and vintage sounds with the nostalgia and aesthetics of the Soviet era. The genre draws heavily on cultural and historical references from the Soviet Union.

Musically, Sovietwave is characterized by its use of synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments to create a unique blend of atmospheric and often melancholic soundscapes. Although it is a niche genre,

Sovietwave has gained a following around the world and has become a cultural phenomenon in its own right.


The nostalgic 'vaporwave' of a different side of the world


In the land of hammer and sickle,

Where the memories are bittersweet and fickle,

A new sound echoes through the streets,

The past and present in perfect harmony,

Synths and drum machines creating a trance,

And a longing for a world that was once sublime,

The spirit of a nation that still affects,

A generation that's moved beyond the past,

But still cherishes it as a treasure that will last.

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