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Music Artist Submission

The open stage offers the subject access and a reason to stay in a world not our own, complete distraction from ones own life, a sense of invincibility, a sense on invisibility, a chance to speak of things they have never spoken of, a chance to see themselves as subjects worthy of time and attention. 

Music Artist Submission Form

This form is strictly intended for any musicians interested in participating in the online audio-visual 100+ non-stop ENTER THE VOID 2022 event in October. If you are a VJ / video visual artist interested in helping us with the enter the void event (VISUALIZING OTHER ARTISTS MIXES) contact us directly through a DM on Instagram @project_vill4in or send us an email to C1PH3R@VILL4IN.COM

Basic rules:

+ Mixes can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes
+ Standard obvious ethical practices (no hatred towards groups of people, etc) direct or indirect

Finding and working with a video visual artist (or making visuals yourself) is recommended as this is a audio-visual show trying to show the best of both worlds. If you need some help or direction regarding finding visuals come visit our discord at . Form submission without video visuals ARE 100% accepted however some sort of placeholder visuals will / may be used.

More notes:

- You are completely free to sell cassettes / VHS tapes / etc of your performance and any other related material on your own personal networks.
- In some cases we will be creating VHS tapes in our HQ for some audio-visual mixes for artists that may need some help with duplication. We will contact people directly for this.
- If you would like to premiere an album instead of a 'mix' during the Enter The Void show you can 100% freely do this.
- all mixes will be uploaded on a massive bandcamp album page. (excluding albums, you may opt out on the form)

Join the Discord at

we will be contacting all accepted artists by email later on with instructions on how to upload their mix.

Thank you and see you in the void.

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