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MTHRBORD was founded in 2021 by VILL4IN in the pursuit of releasing the most compelling up and coming underground art and music without limits.



No Genres, No Politics, No BS.



Art is subjective as is everything in life. All our energy is used to push well-deserved art and music into the world and nothing else.


Our distribution centre and studio is located in Toronto, Canada side by side an art school for kids. The main headquarters and mentality is formed in Mexico City.


Our goal is for underground / independent music and visual art to have a force and relevance amongst the powers of industry corporate labels. We believe that things can be done differently and can be more progressive compared to what is being done.



We avoid gatekeeping in every way we can.



We do not discriminate. We constantly look for different ‘internet’ music scenes online where we can help create official releases typically with pressing vinyl so they be heard amongst underground music listeners and collectors.


We do not want to take control of any scene’s development and placement, we just want different scenes to be known across listeners.


In addition we believe video visual artists need more appreciation and believe VHS is the perfect format to support them. Visual art is growing with artists, techniques and styles which needs its own proper respect.



Project Manager


Project Assistant / A&R / Videographer

Michael Segal

Office & Operations Manager / Mastering Engineer








Project Assistant / Customer Service




Writer / Poet

Project Lazarus

Mixing & Mastering Engineer


Shipping Operation


General Collaborator / Videographer



I'm in Europe or elsewhere and my tracking isn't working

Please check https://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking with provided tracking after it was shipped.

Are these official releases?

Yes. All of our releases are officially produced within our network, currently all vinyl are pressed in Germany.

I can't find a product that was listed before!

This website automatically hides items that are sold out for organization purposes. If you would like to see our full catalogue of music check Discogs or our BandCamp.

How limited is XXXX release is?

Unless a number is specified on the product page, then please assume that we have chosen not to advertise the quantity at this time.

can I buy multiple copies of XXXX release?

Unless stated otherwise of course you can. In fact, please.

Which edition should I buy?

Any edition you like. The only difference is the color variant you are choosing,

Do I need to buy this so and so 'limited edition' to get the extra items?

Generaly all editions contain the same extra items.

Who masters the audio for your releases?

We are fortunate enough to have our own mastering studio and engineers in Toronto so we usually capture and master the audio ourselves. On some occasions we outsource the work to other professional mastering engineers and it will be stated on the product page.

What's the best way to find out about your new releases?

Please join our mailing list located on the home page. You can also follow our page on Facebook.

Do you offer digital downloads with your releases?

Yes we do, you will receive a download link for every physical album you purchase on your email. If you would like to just download the digital album by itself you may visit us at https://vill4in.bandcamp.com

Additionally most albums contain bandcamp download codes but some albums do not contain them due to certain circumstances.

Do your releases come in shrink wrap?

In almost all cases they do not, we ship all records outside of their jackets to prevent damages from happening. On very rare occasions they come in shrink wrap but will be stated on the product page.

What speed are your records?

In almost all cases they run at 33.3rpm unless stated otherwise on the label of the vinyl.


What payment methods do you accept?

Currently only PayPal which in turn also accepts most forms of credit cards.

Do you do pre-orders?

Sometimes we take pre-orders for our releases (but not all the time). In these cases, the lacquer has already been cut to speed up the process.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

We use a reshipper to lower shipping costs. Generally speaking it can take 2-3 weeks to arrive in Canada and United States. In many cases it takes longer to arrive overseas, please email us if you need tracking information.

It says there are no shipping options for my destination. What's going on?

You will need to email us about this, sometimes we need create manual shipping labels because our reshipper doesn’t provide shipping to certain countries.

Do you ship worldwide?

Mostly yes. If you do not see an option to your country send us an email.

Why do I have to enter my phone number during checkout?

Your phone number is important in case your local postal service has any problems finding your address.


Where will my order ship from?

All orders ship from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Shipping is very expensive to my country (South America, and others)

We are sorry for this, it is out of our hands, we use a commerical reshipper that has the best rates we can find HOWEVER there are many services on the internet where you can ship your package to a certain location and they will ship it to your country for cheaper. You can save a lot of money if you buy records all the time from the US / Canada and Europe. Google ‘reshippers’ for your country.

What kind of mailers do you use?

Might Music Mailers.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email.

Are your orders tracked?

Yes most of them are and you are also able to choose from shipping methods. Basic media mail orders for US are tracked.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, all orders usually ship within 1 week. Pre-order items are excluded from this, of course.

Where is my tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number on your email after we ship your item.

Can you remove the record(s) from the outer sleeve to avoid seam splits during shipping? Also, what's a seam split?

We do this automatically.

My records have damages. What should I do?

Please email us wth pictures and we will do what we can. Some cases there are vinyl records that are faulty, we will take care of this.

How long do I have to report a damaged record?

Please report it as possible. If its been over 6 months that would be too much time, please be considerate.

My country is not listed during the checkout. What should I do?

Please email us.

What about customs/import charges?

For international orders, please be aware that you will be responsible for any customs/import charges incurred by your package.

I live in the US and it's been a couple of days. My package should be here, right?

Please be patient and make sure its not a pre-order in which case it can take longer. if it’s been awhile send us a email.

My order still hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Please wait until a reasonable amount of time has passed and then get in touch with us.

My order was returned to you. What are my options?

If for any reason your parcel is returned to us (due to an incorrect shipping address, or you failed to collect it from your post office) then we will be happy to resend it. However you will have to cover the costs of re-shipping it.

Artists / Labels / Record Stores

Are you accepting demos?

We are currently not accepting demos because our schedule is filled.

I am a Label and am interested in selling our records on MTHRBORD

Send us an email at [email protected] with information about your label and other details, we may be interested.

I run a record store and would like to sell your products

We provide distribution to small record shops. We want to keep distribution to a minimum (avoiding large chain-stores entirely) but if you run a small independent shops we are happy to work with you. Email us at [email protected] with information about your store including social media info, etc.

We do NOT want to work with people who just resell on eBay and Discogs. Ensure that we do in-depth searches to prevent this.

Black Friday Starts now. New Albums will be released Nov 26 at 2PM EST. Sale ends Dec 6.