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Enter The Void


Enter The Void is an event that happens every few years featuring many underground artists, musicians, labels, influencers and more. The first event was a 83+ hour consecutive internet live show hosted on October 30 - November 2nd 2020 and another one on October 28th 2022 that lasted 118 hours.

No Genres, Just Underground

The event's focus is to bring attention to well deserved underground artists with no limits in style or function. Poetry, Visual Art, Music, and Performance Art artists are all welcome to join.


There is a online audio-visual show currently planned for October 2022 and we are taking submissions. Our future plans is hosting a real life event in Mexico City in 202X with the goal being a multi-day event and easy accommodations to event attenders and participators. More news will be given at a later more appropriate date.

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